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Selected weirs on the Vltava River

Herbertov Weir

(Horní Mlýn) The weir on the 314.95 river km of the Vltava is made up of three sections: On the left is a rounded overflow, the middle has a gated gravel spillway, and on the right bank there is the hydroelectric power station race.

Trilčův Weir

Since 1938, on the southern edge of the town of České Budějovice on the 241.725 river km of the Vltava, a weir has been in operation with a hydroelectric power station having two Kaplan turbines with an output of 650 kW and a drop of 3.77 metres. The weir has two flood-gates and a boat sluice that is 6.5 metres wide.

Jiráskův Weir

It is located in České Budějovice. The cylindrical weir with a hydroelectric power station and a boat sluice on the right bank was built during the years 1927 to 1929. It is named after its designer Ing. Antonín Jirásek.

Kořensko Weir

The weir, with four 20-metre spans that are 4.8 metres high, was built during the years 1986 to 1991 approximately 2 km downstream from the confluence of the Vltava and the Lužnice. This is a so-called submerged weir: a weir that is submerged under the water of the Orlík Dam and only retains water when the water level of the Orlík reservoir drops below the elevation of 353.05 metres. This prevents the fluctuation of the river level in the town of Týn nad Vltavou.

Weir in Vrané

The weir is part of the Vrané Waterworks, and also has two locks on the left bank and a power station on the right bank. The weir consists of four 20-metre spans, with two floods gates above each other up to a height of 9.7 metres.

Troja Lock - Podbaba

This was built by the Lanna company during the years 1899 to 1902 within the scope of making the Vltava navigable between Prague and the town of Mělník. It is located on the left bank of the Vltava at Císařský (Emperor) Island and consists of two locks: 137.5 x 20 metres and 73 x 11 metres. The locks surmount a water level difference of 5.5 metres and enable sailing from the Troja weir basin.