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Selected Vltava River Bridges II.

Žďákov Bridge

The 543-metre long road bridge spanning the Orlík Dam reservoir valley commemorates the no longer in existence (flooded) village of Žďákov. This elegant single-arch bridge, built in the years 1957 – 1967, was at the time the largest structure of its type in Europe. The span of the arch is 330 metres and it weighs 3,100 tonnes.

Vestec Bridge

This is a 229-metre long reinforced concrete bridge on the Votice – Příbram route. The deck, which is located 11 metres above the current water level of the Vltava, is situated on three stone piers with brick infill. The bridge was completed in 1936.

Štěchovice Bridge

(The Dr. E. Beneš Bridge) This elegant single-arch bridge, built within 22 months during the years 1937 to 1939, connects the village of Štěchovice with the village of Brunšov on the right bank. The deck is suspended on two hollow concrete arches having a span of 114 metres. The bridge has been a national cultural monument since 1965.

Davle Bridge

This old railway bridge in the village of Davle was completed in 1905. It is currently utilised only as a footbridge. In 1968, the bridge “starred” in the American film “Bridge at Remagen”. The steel truss structure with three spans and a length of 141 metres stands on three stone piers, which were raised 1.5 metres before the Vrané reservoir was filled.

Měchenice Railway Bridge (Skochovice)

This steel truss bridge has five spans. The main span is 83.5 metres long and has an arched truss while the rest are straight. The bridge is 207.5 metres long and was completed in 1897. In 1935, in connection with the filling of the Vrané Dam reservoir, its piers had to be raised by 2.75 metres in order to preserve river traffic.

The Zbraslav Bridge

This is a road bridge connecting Zbraslav with the village of Závist on the right bank of the Vltava that was completed in 1964. The reinforced concrete structure that is 203.84 metres long consists of one arch with a span of 86 metres.

Branický Bridge

(Sometimes called the Bridge of Intelligence) This reinforced concrete railway bridge is 14 metres wide, 910 metres long, and has 15 spans, each being 53.5 metres long. It stands 19 metres above the river. The structure connecting Malá Chuchle and Braník was put into operation on 30 May 1964.

Barrandov Bridge

A reinforced concrete road bridge that is 352 metres long and between 40 to 55 metres wide. The bridge, which is part of the Prague city circuit, has four lanes in each direction and is one of the largest transport structures in the Czech Republic. It was put into operation in two phases – the southern half in 1983 and the northern half in 1988.

Vyšehrad Railway Bridge

The fourth bridge in succession in Prague that connects Smíchov with the right bank under Vyšehrad. The steel truss structure consists of three 69.9 metre spans. The deck is 8.1 metres wide. The bridge was built during the years 1900 and 1901 on the location of a former single-track railway bridge.

Palacký Bridge

A stone bridge with seven arches that was built during the years 1876 to 1878. In 1951, it was subsequently widened from its former 10.7 metres to 13.5 metres (the width including the pavement). This road bridge connects Palacký Square with the Smíchov crossroads at U Anděla and two tram tracks lead along it.