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Lipno II Waterworks

The Lipno II Waterworks was built concurrently with the Lipno I Waterworks during the years 1952 to 1959. Its primary task is to contain peak flows from the Lipno I hydroelectric power station and subsequently smoothly release the water into the Vltava. The great gradient of the Vltava between Lipno I and Lipno II is attested to by the fact that Lipno II, although it is not even four kilometres distant from Lipno I, as the crow flies, is built at an elevation of 562.7 metres above sea level, that means more than 160 metres lower than Lipno I.

The length of the reservoir is 2.5 km, it has a water surface area of approximately 45 hectares, and the volume of retained water is approximately 1.8 million m³.

The body of the dam is 224 metres long, 19.5 metres high and 4 metres wide at the crown. Just like the Lipno I Dam, the Lipno II Dam is partially made from earth, rockfill, and ¼ from concrete, and is gravitational, however with the difference that the concrete section with the hydroelectric power station is located in the centre of the dam. Two overflow spans, each 10 metres wide, serve for dealing with greater water flows. Together, they have a capacity of 210 m³ of water per second.

The Lipno II hydroelectric power station functions as a continuously running one, i.e. with the constant generation of electricity. It is equipped with one turbine (Kaplan type), which utilises a water gradient of 4 to 10 metres and has an output of 1.5 MW (at a water flow rate of 20 m³ per second).

An 8.4 metre wide and 7.5 metre high outlet tunnel from the Lipno I hydroelectric power station empties out into the Lipno II reservoir at the end of its backwaters on the right bank.

Information Centre of the Lipno Power Station

Information Centre of the Lipno Hydro Power Station

The Information Centre of the Lipno Hydro Power Station can be visited for the biggest part of the year based on a prior arrangement (in writing or by phone). During the summer tourist season from 15 June to 15 September the IC is open daily from 10:00 to 16:00 hours. Films are run for groups of 40 persons every hour on the hour, employees of the Power Station offer expert presentations, and information boards describing the construction of the Power Station and the area around it are available to visitors.

Entrance fee: Adults: CZK 20, Children and pensioners: CZK 10