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Kamýk Waterworks

Just above the village of the same name, on the 134.730 river kilometre of the Vltava, the Kamýk Waterworks was built during the years 1956 to 1962 primarily to equalise the peak flows coming from the Orlík hydroelectric power station. However, the reservoir that is 10.2 km long, has a volume of 12.9 million m³, and an area of 195 ha, serves not only as an equalising step but for generating electricity, as a source of potable water, and improving the water flow in the river below the dam. It contributes to protecting the area below the dam from floods and in part serves for recreation, water sports and boating. The full recreational utilisation of the reservoir is prevented by the fact that the water flowing into the Kamýk from the Orlík Waterworks is cold, minimally oxygenated bottom water, so the reservoir has few fish and the water temperature seldom reaches 18°C.

The dam is straight, concrete and gravitational, 184 metres long at its crown and stands 24.5 metres high above its base. In contrast to other dams in the Vltava cascade, a road does not lead across the crown of the dam. Four crown overflows are each 18 metres wide and have a total capacity of 2,000 m³ of water per second.

A hydroelectric power station is located on the left bank and has four Kaplan turbines, utilising a water gradient of 11.5 to 15 metres, with a total output of 48 MW (at a water flow rate of 4 x 90 m³ per second).

The lock that is located on the right bank is 35 metres long, 6.5 metres wide and can handle boats having displacements up to 300 tonnes. Railway tracks with a cart have been built on the right bank for the transport of small sports vessels.